Improving Query Builder Error Notifications (Part II)

On the main Brandwatch blog we talked about the importance of Queries and gave you some tips and tricks to help you master Query writing. Defining a good Query structure is without doubt important, but when it comes to typing and testing a Query definition users should be able to easily recognise possible errors and, most importantly, figure out how to quickly fix them. In my previous post, Improving Query Builder Error Notifications (Part I) we described how we improved the Query validation system by analysing the previous user experience and highlighting the points of failure (pain points). Then we »

Improving Query Builder Error Notifications (Part I)

Queries are without any doubt the starting point of social media monitoring. Furthermore, we have the widest range of Boolean operators of any platform on the market to allow our users to get the most refined, accurate and useful data possible – and recently we introduced new cool operators too. Yes, we love Queries, but we are aware that sometimes writing them can be tricky. For this reason we introduced syntax highlighting two years ago, and with the new Query builder we’re proud to announce a new Query validation system to make Query writing the best possible experience. This is »