A short history of Brandwatch

Brandwatch is turning 15 this year. Indeed, the very origins of Brandwatch can be traced back to April 2000. And with this anniversary in mind, I thought it would be worth sharing how Brandwatch became what it is now, picking up a few lessons we learnt along the way. So, once upon a time... Chapter 1: Runtime Collective, ‘00 to ‘03 Fresh out of completing a PhD at Sussex University, I was lucky to hear about a brand new startup called Runtime Collective. And foolish enough to join it as one of its very first employees. So it is that »

Brandwatch Engineering: purpose and culture

The Brandwatch engineering team is going through a pretty fast evolution. In 2014 alone we nearly doubled in size and reached the milestone of 100 Engineers. In an industry where needs and solutions evolve faster than ever, we felt the need for a clearer sense of purpose, a direction for what we are trying to achieve and how we will contribute to the success of our company. And so… our mission was born: To build a real data platform and an ecosystem of intelligent products, with world-class engineering Our data platform already sets us apart - a stable, thick base »

Inside Brandwatch: Explaining Funky Fridays

This post was originally published on Brandwatch's main blog on 8th August 2014. We love our work here. Playing with great tech to build brilliant products – what’s not to like? But every two weeks, things get even more special: we have a Funky Friday. (In England, funky means kind of cool. Really) So what happens on these Creative Fridays is pretty simple: all Engineering staff get to work on whatever project they want. Get an idea, try it, and hopefully learn something new in the process. At the end of the day, people get together and show what they’ »

Building a World-class Engineering Business

This post was originally published on Brandwatch's main blog on June 6th, 2014. Brandwatch is an engineering company at its core. We pride ourselves in creating great products that our customers love, harnessing the power of social and big data to provide genuinely useful insights. With the launch of this engineering blog, we aim to lift the curtain on the engineering team: what we do and how we build products. For a bit more context, our engineering staff are split into a dozen teams, spanning three offices (Brighton in the UK and Berlin and Stuttgart in Germany). Each team focuses »